Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum number of custom garments that I can buy at one time?

CEO requires a minimum order of 6 custom garments offering a price break at 12, 20, 36 and 72 pieces.



How long does it take for my order to come in from the moment it is submitted?

*From the moment your order is submitted, it will take about three weeks for your order to come in. 


What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately, CEO is unable to process refunds as each order undergoes extensive customization. So please review the order confirmation carefully to ensure your order is correct. If there is a manufacturing issue it will be dealt with accordingly.


What information should I provide CEO for a Custom Order?

Please Provide:
1) Your contact information.
2) The number of garments and sizes you would like.
3) The design/logo you would like on the custom garment. If you do not have a design premade our Design Manager will assist you in creating one.
4) Any customizations you would like. (Ex. Position title on the left sleeve)


What is the difference between Embroidery and Screen Printing?

Embroidery is the use of thread to stitch your design directly into the fabric of your garment. Embroidery pricing is based on the number of stitches in the design, and the number of items being embroidered. To quote pricing on embroidery, we will need to see the design you want embroidered, and know how large you want it (so we can estimate its stitch-count). A full-colour embroidered design will be the same price as a single-colour embroidered design. Embroidery is ideally suited for hats, fleece (both cotton and polyester), golf shirts, jackets, etc.
Screen Printing:
Screen printing is the printing of your design using ink directly on a garment or other printable surface. Screen print pricing is based on the number of colours in the design, and the number of items being printed. Screen printing is ideally suited for T's, tanks, bandanas, cotton fleece (sweatshirts and pants), and various styles of team uniforms.
Our screen printing is permanent - we guarantee it will not crack, peel or fade.





* Depending on the season it could take as little as two weeks or as long as four weeks. If you are under a tight time constraint make sure to notify CEO while placing your custom order.