Jackets Purchased Fall 2021:

Due to updated University planning on Safe Return to Campus, all on-campus activity has been suspended until after February Reading week. As a result, Campus Equipment Outfitters has limited access to our offices and therefore no ability to run a Jacket Pick-up on campus, as previously planned. It remains our top priority to deliver students their previously purchased Engineering GPA jackets. 

See Queen's Safe Return to Campus updates here: https://www.queensu.ca/safereturn/ 

What are my options for getting my jacket?

You have a couple options for getting your jacket, we recommend getting your jacket shipped to your home and not your residence due to the changing rules around students access to campus. We will not accept any changes to address, you should be certain you will be at the shipping address chosen to receive your jacket. 

Option 1 (Recommended):

CEO will ship your jacket via Canada Post. You will be required to purchase shipping based on your address, shipping is more expensive to provinces outside of Ontario. Due to the ever-changing regulations in Ontario and at the University, we highly recommend shipping your jacket to your parents/guardians place of residence. Click "Canada Post Shipping" below to get started. These will be delivered late-February to early-March.

Option 2:

CEO will ship your jacket to your residence via GOCourier. For students living in an on-campus accommodation you can purchase $5 shipping to your residence. To pick this option you must be living in residence at the time of purchase. If you purchase residents shipping and for some reason end up not returning to campus, we can not reship your package, so please only choose this option if you are currently back on campus in residence. These will be delivered before reading week.

Option 3:

CEO will hold onto your jacket until we can conduct an on-campus pick-up. There is no action needed for this option, if you do not purchase a shipping option we will assume you want us to hold on to your jacket. There is no promise that you will be able to pick-up your jacket on campus before the end of the Winter 2022 term. We hope to be able to hold a pick-up in March if the school campus re-opens, however, this is out of our control and if the University does not allow on campus events, you will have to wait until September of 2022 to pick-up your jacket.


We appreciate your continued support and patience as we try and navigate the challenges associated with returning to campus!