The Applied Science Jacket - General Info


As many of you may have heard, Jacket Fitting will be looking a little different this year. To confirm, due to the current situation with COVID-19, there will be no in person fittings happening. Despite this, we have worked to ensure that all of you, regardless of whether you are in Kingston, will still have the opportunity to purchase a Jacket online.

The Fitting Process:
The team at Campus Equipment Outfitters has put together a fitting guide, which can be found at the link below. The webpage contains all the necessary information for you to find the right jacket for you based on your dimensions.

Fitting Guide:

We understand that some of you may be uncertain with the remote fitting process. We are always available to respond to any questions via email, but as well, if you have any concerns, CEO is offering online Zoom Jacket Fitting Consultations to help walk you through the process. We especially recommend this for shorter (under 5’2”) and taller students (over 6’3”) if you are unsure about which alterations are best for your jacket. These will be completely confidential, as you will be able to keep your camera off and can remove your name as well if you would like.

You can sign up for a time at the following links:

Monday October 12 – 3-5PM EST:

Tuesday October 13 – 5-7PM EST:

Wednesday October 14 – 5-7PM EST:

Your zoom link will be sent to you on the day of your meeting.

Purchasing a Jacket:

After you have determined the style, size and alterations that you would like for your Jacket, you will be able to purchase you Jacket via our online store at Jackets will be going on sale starting on Monday, October 12th, and the sale will close on Wednesday, October 14th at 11:59PM EST.

Jacket Cost and Payment Methods:

This year, the jackets will cost the following:


Jacket Style




36 – 50



52 - 56





Please note this important information regarding pricing!

  • These prices include tax
  • Adjustments to sleeve are made at no cost
  • Each additional inch added to body length, will be 10$
  • We accept credit (with an additional transaction fee of 2.9%) and interact debit (there is no additional charge for debit).


Jacket Bursary Applications:

If you are looking to apply for financial assistance, the form, which can be found here:

needs to be submitted online by Monday, October 12th at 6:00 pm EST (Please note the time zone). You will be notified about the status of your application following the closure of the application form.

Jacket Pick-Up and Shipping (For students who are not in Kingston)

When checking out, you will be given the option to select on-campus pickup, or shipping. For students in Kingston, there will be a jacket pickup run later this semester (date and time TBA). Please select this option if you are situated in Kingston. If you are not located in Kingston, that is no worries, we will be able to ship your Jacket to you. Please select the shipping option when purchasing your Jacket.